What to “Tweet” About

What to “Tweet” about- resources if you are stuck on Twitter

If you are a fan of Twitter and can’t get enough of sending tweets, then you know how sometimes you get to the point of being stuck and not knowing what to tweet about. This is normal for many because with so many things to talk about, sometimes it’s hard to choose which conversation to start with.  Sparking the interest of your fellow twitterers is the key to have a successful conversation and to keep the tweet alive. Here are some great resources if you are stuck on that stage of oblivion:

1. Try asking a provocative question that would spark up the  imagination of readers:

This is a great way to start and keep the conversation going; usually if a reader is challenged with your provocative question then readers have the tendency to tweet back to your original tweet.

2. An inspiring quote:

For some this may be corny but this is still an effective medium for twitters to keep on replying to the tweet especially if they got inspired with the quote.

3. Tweet about a useful link:

Share your resources and give links that are applicable to the topic so that other readers could check out the website as well and learn more about the topic for future tweets.

4. Give freebies:

Everybody loves freebies and it is a great way to catch attention and have the conversation rolling.

5. Tweet about new products:

People are always curious if there is something new that comes out.  Take advantage of that curiosity to attract more followers.

6. Found something interesting on twitter? Retweet it:

Retweeting other interesting tweets is a great way to get more readers. You’ll be surprised at how varied the opinions can be, regardless if it is a retweet. Everybody wants to their opinion to be heard even if it is on the same topic.

7. Need help? Tweet about it:

Humans by nature are very helpful. If you need something done or if you need assistance with something then twitter is the best place for you to ask for help since it immediately alerts other members of your community that you need assistance.

8. Do something worthy and promote charity:

You don’t have to have a lot of money to be able to help in your ideal charity. You could simply promote it on Twitter and for sure you will get followers on your chosen charity. After all people wants to feel good about doing something good.

9. Tweet about an achievement or something you have done:

Try to alert people if you have new blog or if you had an achievement that you want the world to recognize.  “Tweet” your own horn!

10. Your favorite song:

Do you have a song that makes you feel good?  Share it with your followers, you could make someones day!

There is no limit as to what is the topic that you should tweet about.  So if something interests you, then tweet about it and share your interest with others.


Use Google to find people on Twitter

There are a lot of tools that have surfaced recently  to search for people on Twitter.  Here is a quick explanation on how you can use Google to search for people on Twitter.  You can use Google to find people either by name, keywords in their bio, location or keywords that appear in their tweets, here is how:

1) Search for Twitter users by name:

site:twitter.com intitle:”bob* *on twitter”

This search can also be done with a person’s full name:

site:twitter.com intitle:”bob smith * on twitter”

2) Search for Twitter users by the keywords in their bio:

site:twitter.com intitle:”on twitter” “bio* *business”

This search will provide a list of  Twitter users who used the word “business” in their Twitter bio.

3) Search for Twitter users by the location stated on their profile:

site:twitter.com intitle:”on twitter” “location california”

You will then get a list of Twitter users located in California.

You can also get a list of users based on location and keyword in their bio, for example you want to search for users in California with the keyword “business”

site:twitter.com intitle:”on twitter””bio* * business” “location california”

4)  Search for Twitter users based on the words that appear in their tweets:

site:twitter.com/*/statuses/* “food”

This search will give you a list of tweets that contain the word “food”

Check out a demonstration here