YouTube Marketing Opportunities, Part II

Even in remote areas around the globe, YouTube has penetrated thousands of people’s  personal computers.  Having said that, as of this very moment, thousands of YouTube users have just uploaded a new video.   YouTube has  announced that it is now serving 1 billion views a day. This is how powerful YouTube has become.

To attract attention to your business YouTube channel, you need to plan carefully, as it has now become a cut throat competition and I bet you do not want to be left out.  Previously we have pointed out some tips to help such as; being creative or use something funny to attract people’s interest in your video, keep your video short, usually less than 10 minutes, invest in good audio equipment, join the YouTube network by commenting and joining more groups. To further enhance your account here are some more tips that can get you ahead of the game.

1.    There are three types of video that may work for your business in YouTube.  (1) Informational videos; wow your audience with something they have never seen before but is essential in making your product. Act as a guide on your company’s plant site for example. (2) Educational Videos; most people who access the YouTube site checks it for instructional videos. These include the likes of arts and crafts or building stuff or cooking and do it yourself videos. (3) Entertainment Videos; Find a way to use your product and at the same time entertainment your audience. Let’s say test the durability of a mattress etc., amaze your audience with what your products can do.

2.    Maximize YouTube for search engine optimization. By using proper keywords on your YouTube post, your uploaded video will go on top of the search lists. Choose words that best fit the product or service that your business caters. Draw the right audience to your site. It does not need to be the most popular video on YouTube, which receives thousands of hits a day. What is important is that you are getting your target market to view your channel and hence the possibility of earning their trust and buying your product or acquiring your service.

3.    When you upload a video on YouTube it asks you to create a profile channel. Put as much information about your company in this profile and make it good so you can get regular subscribers. These subscribers can send you emails for questions and more product knowledge. From there you can send them responses and discounts, and information on upcoming products

4.    Answer customer-specific questions using videos. Imagine how surprised a customer will be when you point them to a video with the answer!

5.    Use advertising and marketing techniques like: posting testimonials on your site that attest to the quality of your product.  Add captions to your video, remember that not all people can hear or watch your videos.  Run a contest: Use YouTube to engage your audience and solicit their participation in a fun way.

The more you use YouTube, the more traffic  you will direct to your site, and the more potential sales you will have.  Have fun!

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Use Google to find people on Twitter

There are a lot of tools that have surfaced recently  to search for people on Twitter.  Here is a quick explanation on how you can use Google to search for people on Twitter.  You can use Google to find people either by name, keywords in their bio, location or keywords that appear in their tweets, here is how:

1) Search for Twitter users by name: intitle:”bob* *on twitter”

This search can also be done with a person’s full name: intitle:”bob smith * on twitter”

2) Search for Twitter users by the keywords in their bio: intitle:”on twitter” “bio* *business”

This search will provide a list of  Twitter users who used the word “business” in their Twitter bio.

3) Search for Twitter users by the location stated on their profile: intitle:”on twitter” “location california”

You will then get a list of Twitter users located in California.

You can also get a list of users based on location and keyword in their bio, for example you want to search for users in California with the keyword “business” intitle:”on twitter””bio* * business” “location california”

4)  Search for Twitter users based on the words that appear in their tweets:*/statuses/* “food”

This search will give you a list of tweets that contain the word “food”

Check out a demonstration here