Is social media marketing the new yellow pages?

Is social media marketing the new yellow pages?

Improving collaboration between people and between organizations is no longer optional if you want to survive in today’s hyper connected businesses world, stated Erik Van Ommeren, Director of Sogeti’s international research institute.

Social media marketing announces your presence to the world. It’s a reliable marketing trend to build your network on line for success, for the world of tomorrow. Reaching out through social media is well worth looking into.

Much of social media marketing is about finding the right way to promote. Social media marketing is introducing exciting venues of communicating to consumers of internet and brick and mortar businesses.

Think outside the book, social media is the new yellow pages. social media is an innovative tool that will help local businesses pump out all types of information, from the latest in local news, to their promotions and coupons.

Social media allows you to be in control of your marketing. With Tivo, satellite radio, Ipods and the internet, the consumer is in charge of their own media. They are no longer a captive audience. With social media, you can reach out to your consumer through non-traditional channels and still have them listen to your message. Social media marketing allows you to be in control of you business advertising, drive traffic to your site, where you want to place your promotions and coupons, with little or no cost.

About 54% of Americans have substituted internet search engines and local phone books for social media. More content is created, distributed, and advertised on line, and more advertising dollars are moving towards social media. If your campaign is executed correctly, social media will get you more referrals, generate more leads and help you share information used to educate prospects. The all new social media marketing requires different skill sets and strategies when compared to traditional marketing. You can hire firms who specialize in this type of marketing or simply try it out for yourself. It is important to note, that is as in any form of marketing, consistency is the key to success. So, don’t expect to get a ton of new business from just starting a Twitter and Facebook account.

The public has turned to social media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Linkedin to reach their audience. Social media activity also helps your businesses improve search engine rankings through link building. There are now more and more companies that are seeking out alternative and effective marketing strategies, because the phone book is no longer providing what they need. Many would argue that social media marketing is the new yellow pages.


Is Social Media Marketing a Fad?

Is Social Media Marketing a Fad?  Take a look at this and decide for yourself.

Social Media Marketing announces your presence to the world. It’s a reliable marketing trend to build your network on line for success, for the tomorrow world. Reaching out to Social Media for marketing is well worth looking into.

There are a lot of resources to learn the skills required to do it yourself, or if finances are not an issue, you can hire a PR company to do it all for you.  Another option is hiring a social media marketing assistant to help with your social media marketing tasks while still staying involved in your campaign and “connecting” with your audience.

Social Media Jobs in the News

More and more, social media is increasing it’s popularity not only for individuals, but for businesses as well.  Small business owners are realizing the power of social media and how it can be many times more effective than traditional advertising, if used correctly.  Although social media marketing is effective, it can also be time consuming and a little frustrating if you are still trying to learn where to go, and what to say.

We now have new jobs that are emerging from this new medium of advertising.  We are seeing more job openings for Social media assistants.  Having a full time employee handling your social media campaigns is great, if you can afford one.  Another option is to have a contract with a social media marketing virtual assistant for a certain number of hours or tasks per week.  In this scenario, you are able to have the outcome you would like with limited expenses.  To find out more about social media marketing virtual assistants services for your small business, click here.