Use Google to find people on Twitter

There are a lot of tools that have surfaced recently  to search for people on Twitter.  Here is a quick explanation on how you can use Google to search for people on Twitter.  You can use Google to find people either by name, keywords in their bio, location or keywords that appear in their tweets, here is how:

1) Search for Twitter users by name: intitle:”bob* *on twitter”

This search can also be done with a person’s full name: intitle:”bob smith * on twitter”

2) Search for Twitter users by the keywords in their bio: intitle:”on twitter” “bio* *business”

This search will provide a list of  Twitter users who used the word “business” in their Twitter bio.

3) Search for Twitter users by the location stated on their profile: intitle:”on twitter” “location california”

You will then get a list of Twitter users located in California.

You can also get a list of users based on location and keyword in their bio, for example you want to search for users in California with the keyword “business” intitle:”on twitter””bio* * business” “location california”

4)  Search for Twitter users based on the words that appear in their tweets:*/statuses/* “food”

This search will give you a list of tweets that contain the word “food”

Check out a demonstration here