Using Blogs to Drive Away People from Your Business

Reading the title of this article will surely make you curious… especially if you are a professional practitioner or business owner. You may ask the question: Why would I want to drive people away from my business?  You should find the answer within yourself if you contemplate hard enough.   Saying “No way!” is normal.

There is an old saying that prevention is better than the cure.   Doctors constantly say this to their patients.   A dentist tells their patients to brush their teeth and floss twice every day, for it prevents oral problems like cavities.  Doctors also advise their patients to stay healthy and fit. Based on the examples above, dentist and doctors use these practices to establish rapport and trust with their patients

As a business owner, how can you apply this to your business? How can you keep customers coming back to you “even if” you drive them away? It’s quite simple really. Write a blog, not just any blog about your business, but useful information that people can use.

If you own a restaurant, write a blog that informs people how to prepare delicious meals every day in the comforts of their home. This is driving your customers away, right?  Wrong.  There may be people who have the time and will take your tips and advice about creating a special meal, but for most people, they will realize that you are an expert in fine cuisine and they will patron your restaurant.

Another example is if you own an auto shop, you can blog about how to maintain your car and how to do diagnose problems to help car owners save money. This is pushing car owners away from your business.  Car owners will realize that you want them to save money and you are an expert.  This will lead to customers flocking to your establishment.


What is Social Media Optimization?

The set of methods used for publicity through social media, online communities, and community websites, is termed as Social Media Optimization (SMO). The method which makes  use of various social media services, like RSS feeds, social news, buttons, blogging, and utilizing third party functionalities, as images and videos. The SMO is confused with the SEO/SEM practices, but actually differs in many ways, particularly due to its main focus to drive traffic from all social media platforms, other than search engines. The benefits of SMO also result in improved search ranking.

Unlike traditional marketing, the word of mouth is not used through friends and family, rather through the use of social media networking in social bookmarking, text chatting, voice chatting, photo and video sharing website, like orkut, Facebook, etc. Similarly the social engagement through blogs sharing using RSS Feeds and blog search engines, like Google blog search, are part of SMO efforts.

In short the concept behind SMO, in simple words, is that; implement the changes to maximize a website which could more easily be linked to,  become more visible in social media searches, on search engines like,  Technorati, and which could include relevant posts, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs.

SMO is beneficial in the following ways:

1-    It helps increase your Linkability,

2-    It makes easy Tagging and Bookmarking to social platforms,

3-    It results in inbound links for valuable traffic form social sites,

4-    It syndicates your content across the social sites,

5-    It rewards the valuable and helpful users, in terms of valued links and traffic,

        And many others.

The SMO efforts can demand sophistication, constant up-dating, repetition, patience, consistency and great communication skills with the community.  Many other rules and techniques are applied by the gurus to make more useful SMO practices.  When new concepts and ideas are being incorporated in SMO, it’s wise to keep the door open for other new ideas to be included and constantly refined.

One should infer that SMO is more than set of methods; but an Art of Communication with social communities.  Don’t be afraid to try it.  Keep in mind, be yourself and have fun!