Services and Rates

Social Media Starter Packages:

You know you have to get started, but you don’t know where or how to start and you don’t have a lot of money…. Don’t worry, we have the perfect starter package for you.

  • Keyword Research-up to 50 keywords or phrases
  • Twitter profile set up or optimization
  • Facebook profile set up or optimization
  • Facebook Fanpage set up
  • RSS Feed set up for Twitter and Facebook, with your related news or tips
  • New gmail account set up for your social networking
  • Hootsuite account set up

All of this for only $100.00

Monthly Maintenance Package:

  • Add a minimum of 400 Twitter followers per month
  • Invite 80 “friends” or “fans” on your behalf to your Facebook Page per month
  • RSS Feed monitoring
  • 1 manual update per day to your Fanpage with relevant news/announcements
  • Monthly Report of new followers
  • Respond to friend requests (Optional)

Monthly Service is $100.00

To get started, visit our site and sign up or call us at 888.828.9826

We have more comprehensive packages available.  For more information please call or email us at

3 Responses to “Services and Rates”

  1. Ken Ng Says:

    Aloha Claudia!

    I am a 508 CEO Space grad, and taking a webinar with Michelle Price a faculty member:

    Your thoughts please,

    Ken Ng

    • socialmedia_va Says:

      I think it is great you are doing something to learn about social media. My service is mostly geared towards small business owners and entrepreneurs who need help with the every day tasks of managing a social media marketing campaign. If you have the time and knowledge to do it yourself, that is great! If you need a little help, then my team of assistants can help. All of our campaigns can be fully customized!

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