Social Media Overload?

Getting in touch with your friends, colleagues and loved ones is made easier because of Social Media and networking sites. Many enjoy the convenience of such sites to update everybody who is connected in your network about what is happening with your life or your business.  With the presence of these networking sites, you can stay connected with everybody no matter how far the other person may be or no matter what time zone. Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Myspace, Linkedln are just a few sites created for social networking. Everyday there are more sites created for the same purpose and you just can’t help but join these sites just to stay connected. Some of us are suffering from social media overload.  There is way too much information out there, where do you start and how do you manage your social world?

Maintaining too many networking sites is time consuming. Let’s face it, we are busy people who have lots of things to do and spending numerous hours in updating all this sites can be demanding. However, if you are using social media sites to promote your business, it is a job that needs to be done to ensure that you will not stay out of touch.  If you are participating in Social Media for your business, you may consider outsourcing social media tasks and get virtual assistants that you can pay by the hour or by the project. This is a convenient solution if you are experiencing social media overload and ensures that you will not be an outcast on the networking world.

One important question before joining a social site is to ask yourself why you are joining this site. Is it because somebody invited you to sign up or is it because you are intrigued by the services that this site offers? Another question would be what is the purpose of this site?  Some sites focus on building a network for professionals liked Linkedin, some sites are great for keeping up with friends like friendster and some appeal to the youth like Myspace. Knowing the purpose and the reason why you want to join the site would narrow down the list of sites that you have to maintain and keep up with. This also serves as a guide for the content that you will have to post on each site and to avoid duplicating content.

It is also important to create boundaries for each site. It could be an awkward situation to read a comment regarding a photo and you did not intend for that person to see it.   Some personal information is for you and your friends only and not for your colleagues to see and vice versa. So if you are maintaining this site for your family communication then stick to that plan and avoid posting information that is not family related. Communicating your plan for that site is also effective when it comes to sorting out who needs to belong to each site. For example, a colleague invites you to facebook but you are not comfortable sharing some personal information on facebook with colleagues, then be honest and inform your colleague why you are maintaining that site personal and invite them over to a more appropriate site.

Social networking has many benefits and could be very fun but once overloaded it could defeat your initial purpose. You do not have to be an outcast in the social media world if you know how to handle the overload. So stop stressing and gain more friends.

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What to “Tweet” About

What to “Tweet” about- resources if you are stuck on Twitter

If you are a fan of Twitter and can’t get enough of sending tweets, then you know how sometimes you get to the point of being stuck and not knowing what to tweet about. This is normal for many because with so many things to talk about, sometimes it’s hard to choose which conversation to start with.  Sparking the interest of your fellow twitterers is the key to have a successful conversation and to keep the tweet alive. Here are some great resources if you are stuck on that stage of oblivion:

1. Try asking a provocative question that would spark up the  imagination of readers:

This is a great way to start and keep the conversation going; usually if a reader is challenged with your provocative question then readers have the tendency to tweet back to your original tweet.

2. An inspiring quote:

For some this may be corny but this is still an effective medium for twitters to keep on replying to the tweet especially if they got inspired with the quote.

3. Tweet about a useful link:

Share your resources and give links that are applicable to the topic so that other readers could check out the website as well and learn more about the topic for future tweets.

4. Give freebies:

Everybody loves freebies and it is a great way to catch attention and have the conversation rolling.

5. Tweet about new products:

People are always curious if there is something new that comes out.  Take advantage of that curiosity to attract more followers.

6. Found something interesting on twitter? Retweet it:

Retweeting other interesting tweets is a great way to get more readers. You’ll be surprised at how varied the opinions can be, regardless if it is a retweet. Everybody wants to their opinion to be heard even if it is on the same topic.

7. Need help? Tweet about it:

Humans by nature are very helpful. If you need something done or if you need assistance with something then twitter is the best place for you to ask for help since it immediately alerts other members of your community that you need assistance.

8. Do something worthy and promote charity:

You don’t have to have a lot of money to be able to help in your ideal charity. You could simply promote it on Twitter and for sure you will get followers on your chosen charity. After all people wants to feel good about doing something good.

9. Tweet about an achievement or something you have done:

Try to alert people if you have new blog or if you had an achievement that you want the world to recognize.  “Tweet” your own horn!

10. Your favorite song:

Do you have a song that makes you feel good?  Share it with your followers, you could make someones day!

There is no limit as to what is the topic that you should tweet about.  So if something interests you, then tweet about it and share your interest with others.

Don’t underestimate the value of a blog for your small business.

We always hear the word blog and underestimate the value of blogging. To some it’s just a waste of time to maintain and sad to say, these people are losing a valuable chance and opportunity especially if they have their own business. With the social media marketing getting stronger every single day, one must learn to adapt and take advantage of these opportunities that other businesses already did. In fact, almost all big corporations and major businesses would even go to the extremes and hire a set of professionals to maintain their blog site.  Needless to say, the rewards of their effort are paying out in big ways and their investments were never a lost cause, instead it has delivered more than what they expect in return.

There are numerous reasons on the importance of maintaining a blog for every corporation and companies alike. If you have a corporation and still haven’t jumped in and joined the blogging world, it’s never too late for you to start. You may still have doubts about blogging and having a blog for your business or corporation, but the mere fact that you are reading this article means that opportunity is knocking at your door. Let me give you some reasons on why you should start a blog for your corporation and hope that this may help you and your business grow stronger.

First, a blog is primarily for your customers especially for those consumers who do not believe in faceless advertising. What do I mean by faceless advertising?  Basically, faceless advertisers are those who do not care about getting in touch and does not want to develop a strong customer relationship with consumers. Creating a blog is a great way to connect with your customers in a somehow personal level. If you are truly a reasonable business person, you know that customers are demanding and love to transact business on a personal level. Otherwise, they would rather deal with robots or transact business elsewhere where they could feel the trust that is due for them.  A blog gives you that trust and transparency while creating an open line of communication with your customers. Here, you can freely express and get more personal as compared to your company’s website and avoid having to throw sales pitch all the time.  You could also take advantage of the RSS feeds to update your customer on a regular basis. You can get the respects of your customers and get your brand known while being “human.”

Second, a blog could drive traffic to your company’s website. You know that a great traffic to your website means more potential customers. The good news is, blogs can give you an increase in traffic and could even put you on top for search results.  This helps you in getting a favorable page ranking, helps with search engine optimization and link building because you can put more keywords and phrases in a blog.  It also alerts search engines that there is a new content on your site. You can also use it for showcasing your expertise. Since more traffic leads to more viewers, you could show the visitors that you are the expert on such field and get the edge against others who claims to have the same expertise as yours. Customers are more likely to patronize your brand if you’ve demonstrated authority in your category.

Third, a blog is easy, cheap and gives quick results with little effort to maintain but with big rewards. You do not have to be a genius to start a blog; all you need is a little time to update it. Think of it as writing to your friends where you can be comfortable in expressing yourself without using fancy words or stiff academic writing.  It’s easier for you to communicate and at the same time you can get immediate results and feedback from your customers without having to wait for any focus group responses. It’s also inexpensive; in fact most blog sites are free to join. Probably the only expense you will have is if you need to hire a creative designer to personalize your blog and have your brand etched on the page. Or perhaps you can hire a virtual assistant to update your blog when you can’t do it yourself.

Lastly, a blog would equate to brand awareness. Every business should put brand awareness on the top of their list because this is what makes your business grow. No matter how you promote your business, the objective is always the same and that is brand awareness. And I guarantee you that blogs are one of the most effective ways for brand awareness.  With all that said, underestimating the power of blog is a huge mistake.   Blogging is an opportunity that you should not let pass you by.