How to hire social media help for your business.

What to do when you are unable to do your own social media marketing, probably due to too many things on your plate, or you simply don’t want yourself directly involved on the day to day routine you must have in place to be effective. If you would rather hire someone to shoulder the responsibilities delicately on your behalf to expand your business through social media marketing, here are some of the things you must look for:

Before hiring someone to take your place, it’s imperative to consider the following guidelines to get your social media marketing efforts and be more fruitful in terms of increased business and satisfied clients.

1. Don’t expect it all: It’s obvious you cannot assign all the things to your assistant which involves social media for your business. There are some aspects of social media marketing which you have to do yourself. If you’re not willing to do that yourself, more than likely you won’t be connecting with your followers and your campaign will not be successful.

2. Clear game plan: You must spare some time to draw a clear game plan for your assistant to follow. What you expect him/her to do for your business and how much time is there to get it completed. A checklist to overview the performance regularly will be a good idea to gage the efforts being put in.

3. What tasks to be assigned: You must be very clear in what to assign your assistant, routine work, like uploading videos or writing articles, or you assign them to reply your friends and followers, posting on twitter, writing blogs, participating in discussions, and other more important activities.

4. Who to connect with: If you allow your assistant to more sensitive issues, you should have very detailed instructions with whom to connect and why.

5. Assistant’s Workload: The person you are hiring for your social media marketing should have sufficient free time to work for you. You must have understanding of his/her workload to judge his/her dedication to your assignment.

6. Test timings: Having selected your assistant for the desired campaign, you should allow him/her for a limited period of time to let him/her perform the services you asked for. Should your assistant perform the assignment, as you wished to be done, you may ask him / her to continue to the extended time you have agreed to complete.

You see, having developed reasonable understanding of social media marketing efforts and realizing the scope of work, you have to assign the job to a very competent assistant whom you have well thrashed out from the so-called experts and gurus, for their competency, and then you put some milestones to assess the results. Social media marketing takes time. You have to allow time to grow your followers and provide good content so your audience will listen to what you have to say.
If the SMM campaign gets you 100% of your desired results, you must pass credit to your assistant for his/her competency and devotion– a kind pat on his/her back, and an extra bonus would cheer them up and certainly you, too!


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