What is Social Media Optimization?

The set of methods used for publicity through social media, online communities, and community websites, is termed as Social Media Optimization (SMO). The method which makes  use of various social media services, like RSS feeds, social news, buttons, blogging, and utilizing third party functionalities, as images and videos. The SMO is confused with the SEO/SEM practices, but actually differs in many ways, particularly due to its main focus to drive traffic from all social media platforms, other than search engines. The benefits of SMO also result in improved search ranking.

Unlike traditional marketing, the word of mouth is not used through friends and family, rather through the use of social media networking in social bookmarking, text chatting, voice chatting, photo and video sharing website, like orkut, Facebook, etc. Similarly the social engagement through blogs sharing using RSS Feeds and blog search engines, like Google blog search, are part of SMO efforts.

In short the concept behind SMO, in simple words, is that; implement the changes to maximize a website which could more easily be linked to,  become more visible in social media searches, on search engines like,  Technorati, and which could include relevant posts, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs.

SMO is beneficial in the following ways:

1-    It helps increase your Linkability,

2-    It makes easy Tagging and Bookmarking to social platforms,

3-    It results in inbound links for valuable traffic form social sites,

4-    It syndicates your content across the social sites,

5-    It rewards the valuable and helpful users, in terms of valued links and traffic,

        And many others.

The SMO efforts can demand sophistication, constant up-dating, repetition, patience, consistency and great communication skills with the community.  Many other rules and techniques are applied by the gurus to make more useful SMO practices.  When new concepts and ideas are being incorporated in SMO, it’s wise to keep the door open for other new ideas to be included and constantly refined.

One should infer that SMO is more than set of methods; but an Art of Communication with social communities.  Don’t be afraid to try it.  Keep in mind, be yourself and have fun!


Use Google to find people on Twitter

There are a lot of tools that have surfaced recently  to search for people on Twitter.  Here is a quick explanation on how you can use Google to search for people on Twitter.  You can use Google to find people either by name, keywords in their bio, location or keywords that appear in their tweets, here is how:

1) Search for Twitter users by name:

site:twitter.com intitle:”bob* *on twitter”

This search can also be done with a person’s full name:

site:twitter.com intitle:”bob smith * on twitter”

2) Search for Twitter users by the keywords in their bio:

site:twitter.com intitle:”on twitter” “bio* *business”

This search will provide a list of  Twitter users who used the word “business” in their Twitter bio.

3) Search for Twitter users by the location stated on their profile:

site:twitter.com intitle:”on twitter” “location california”

You will then get a list of Twitter users located in California.

You can also get a list of users based on location and keyword in their bio, for example you want to search for users in California with the keyword “business”

site:twitter.com intitle:”on twitter””bio* * business” “location california”

4)  Search for Twitter users based on the words that appear in their tweets:

site:twitter.com/*/statuses/* “food”

This search will give you a list of tweets that contain the word “food”

Check out a demonstration here

Social Media Jobs in the News

More and more, social media is increasing it’s popularity not only for individuals, but for businesses as well.  Small business owners are realizing the power of social media and how it can be many times more effective than traditional advertising, if used correctly.  Although social media marketing is effective, it can also be time consuming and a little frustrating if you are still trying to learn where to go, and what to say.

We now have new jobs that are emerging from this new medium of advertising.  We are seeing more job openings for Social media assistants.  Having a full time employee handling your social media campaigns is great, if you can afford one.  Another option is to have a contract with a social media marketing virtual assistant for a certain number of hours or tasks per week.  In this scenario, you are able to have the outcome you would like with limited expenses.  To find out more about social media marketing virtual assistants services for your small business, click here.

Keyword research for online marketing success.

Keywords are a really powerful way to make search engines remember you. Keyword research is the first step in making a popular web site.  Although keyword research is one task that I never look forward to, it is essential task to your online marketing campaign.  If you are blogging, posting articles and using social media, you need to research your keywords first, to make sure you are maximizing your efforts.

All you need to have in the beginning is a small initial keyword phrase list.  You will be amazed how much your keyword list already has grown only with a little bit of thinking.  Target the wrong keywords and all your marketing efforts are lost.  Target the right keyword phrases and reap the conversion rates you are looking for.  You can use some free tools like Google Adwords keyword tool, or Wordtracker has a free as well as a paid version.

Once you have your list, you have to make sure they are effective. Keyword effectiveness shows how effective the keyword/phrase is in ratio to the number of searches found.  Keyword effectiveness index (KEI) was invented by Sumantra Roy, a respected Search Engine Positioning specialist on the internet.  The KEI compares the Count result (number of times a keyword has appeared in our data) with the number of competing web pages to pinpoint exactly which keywords are most effective for your campaign.

Once you narrow down your list, you can use these keywords to optimize your social media profiles, blogs, articles and website.  Researching keywords is time consuming, but well worth your while.  As a entrepreneur you may realize the importance of this task, but you just don’t have the time or manpower to get it done. Hiring someone to do this for you may be the right thing for you and your business.  If you would like to find out more on how to outsource this task, click here.